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Lloyd & Co
Chartered Accountants

103-105 Brighton Road
Surrey, CR5 2NG
020 8668 0500
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Job vacancy: Payroll

Lloyd & Co will soon be saying goodbye to Audrey Edwards who is retiring having run our payroll service since 1996. We seek an enthusiastic individual well versed in running payrolls and the issues that go with it. The role is part time (50%) but we would welcome a full time candidate who could get involved with general Practice work including bookkeeping on packages, Accounts preparation and Tax Returns. Payroll would however be the main focus - the person needs to be capable of operating independently including pro-actively keeping up to date and researching changes in legislation and HMRC routines when they occur. The general Practice work would not involve full responsibility and would be carried out under supervision with assistance provided; the individual will however be expected to have a good knowledge of, and be fluent in using, Microsoft word and spreadsheet facilities. There would initially be a full handover of the Payroll function with Audrey (over a 4-6 week period).

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